New song for pride?: Beyoncé fans celebrate 'Break My Soul'

A new song for pride?
Beyoncé fans celebrate ‘Break My Soul’

The long-awaited day has arrived: Beyoncé released a new song and her fans became in love from the very first moment. With the song Break My Soul, the singer is letting her LGBTQ fans celebrate — at least that’s the thesis on the network.

On Monday night, Beyoncé released a long-awaited new single, “Break My Soul.” The day before, the singer announced the release of the song with an encrypted bio on Instagram. After just a few hours, the video featuring the song’s lyrics reached nearly two million clicks on YouTube. The clip is also among the top ten German hits. But how do fans find the dance path with elements of rap?

The hashtag “#BreakMySoul” has been trending on Twitter since the song’s release. While many streaming services are already advertising Beyoncé on the SMS platform, fans are raring about the new hit. The nearly five-minute long song with its electric and gospel effects was so well received that people danced to it at drag shows shortly after its release, a Twitter user shows with a video.

“You won’t break my soul”

In particular, members of the LGBTQ+ community celebrate the song on social media. They’re pretty sure Beyoncé intentionally released the song during Pride Month. It is also the sixth song on her album as shown by a user. Pride month is the sixth month of the year. “It literally screams ‘gay rights,'” he wrote. In the song’s lyrics, the 40-year-old sings ‘You won’t break my soul,’ which means something like ‘You won’t break my soul.’

Celebrities have also commented on the single release. “Pose” actor Johnny Sibley shared a video of himself dancing in front of anti-gay protesters on the sidelines of a Pride party. “Break My Soul” plays in the background. He writes: “I just had to do it.”

A new studio album for Beyoncé is set to follow Break My Soul. Streaming services like Spotify announced their “renaissance” on July 29.


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