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Title: Third-Party iPhone 15 Pro Series Cases Unprepared for Apple’s Design Change, Causing Compatibility Issues

In a surprising turn of events, certain third-party iPhone 15 Pro series cases are facing a design flaw due to Apple’s decision to transform the traditional mute switch into an Action button. The unexpected change has caught some case makers off guard, despite rumors hinting at the alteration.

Typically, Apple shares upcoming model dimensions with case manufacturers under strict nondisclosure agreements. However, in the case of the iPhone 15 Pro series, Apple failed to notify them about the switch to an Action button. As a result, third-party cases have been left incompatible with the new design, leaving users frustrated.

One example of a case affected by this flaw is the iPhone 15 Pro Max case from Bellroy. The case features a cutout for the mute switch but obstructs easy access to the new Action button. Similarly, other third-party manufacturers such as Cygnett have run into the same issue. They were also unaware of a rumored name change from Pro Max to “Ultra,” further complicating the case design.

Although Apple offers its official iPhone 15 Pro series cases, which guarantee compatibility with the Action button, criticism has been directed towards their new FineWoven case. Users have raised concerns about the quality and durability of the case, giving rise to doubts about its efficacy.

To avoid any compatibility issues, users are being advised to carefully inspect cases for Action button compatibility instead of blindly assuming that they will work based on claims made by case manufacturers. With the lack of advanced notice from Apple to third-party case makers, it’s crucial for users to take matters into their own hands and ensure seamless functionality of the Action button.

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Apple enthusiasts will need to stay alert and cautious during the transition to the iPhone 15 Pro series, as these unforeseen design changes can impact their overall experience. As case makers scramble to rectify this design flaw, users are encouraged to make informed choices when selecting protective cases for their new devices.


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