Netherlands: Farmers block motorway – vacationers affected

Netherlands: Farmers block motorway – vacationers affected

From Holland.
Farmers’ protests in the Netherlands have caused long traffic jams on highways. This has consequences for travelers on their way to the sea.

Dutch farmers Many highways were closed by tractors in protest of planned environmental regulations. Transport services said on Friday that the protests had led to traffic jams that lasted hundreds of kilometres. Many vacationers were also affected by this. In some parts of the Netherlands on Friday summer vacation I started.

The siege initially centered on the streets in the east of the country Neighboring country of NRW. trucks and Tractor According to the authorities, they often block traffic on other roads by driving slowly.

Farmers’ protests in the Netherlands: the blockade has emptied supermarket shelves

About 30 farmers also had large stocks of supermarkets Blocked in Raalte to the east. A spokesman said trucks could only get new goods after a long delay. Last week, the barriers closed to large warehouses Jams in supermarkets guided.

Farmers protest against measures planned for weeksThe Nitrogen emissions To reduce. Nationally, according to the government’s plan, it should be reduced by an average of 50 percent by 2030, and by more than 70 percent in natural areas. Intensive farming is one of the biggest reasons for the emergence of ammonia in particular. Terms may apply according to government calculations The end of about 30 percent of livestock keepers You know. (dpa)

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