Netflix: Disturbance!  Users are complaining about problems

You want to end a stressful start of the week peacefully on the couch, and all of a sudden you do it Netflix Limp.

Customers around the world complained of disruptions to the streaming provider on Monday night. The NetflixSeries and movies remain far from those affected.

Netflix: worldwide turmoil disturbs customers

After a power outage caused a stir on social media last week, Netflix is ​​now likely to follow suit.

For the suffering of fans of cinema and series. They complain about broadcasting problems in the forum. according to “mark 24” I have already wondered about the technical malfunction of this country alone. The entire content cannot be streamed on the portal.


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Information on social media indicates that the problem is international. Netflix customers around the world are tweeting about the outage. (nb)

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