NASA News 2022: All the details and key information about the upcoming launch of the Atlas V 401

NASA News 2022: All the details and key information about the upcoming launch of the Atlas V 401

Here on we keep you up to date with the latest information on upcoming and completed rocket launches and NASA missions. Here you can find out about manned and unmanned spaceflights that have begun, are about to take place and the mission the Atlas V 401 will work on.

This information is known for the upcoming launch of Atlas V 401:

Exact start time for Atlas V 401 It is currently served on Tuesday, November 1, 2022 at 9:25 AM.

condition: The current T-0 has been confirmed by official or reliable sources.

launch service provider Atlas V 401 is she United Launch Alliance. This is a commercial service provider.

above this link You can use Google Maps to see where the missile is currently and awaiting launch. The location is Vandenberg SFB, CA, USA, more precisely: Space Launch Complex 3E. 705 flights have taken off from here and 6 landings have been recorded. The selected site currently has a total of 47 successful launches.

Here’s what we know about the JPSS 2 (Joint Polar Satellite System #2) spacecraft:

The Atlas V 401 is a geological survey flight.

JPSS is a joint program of NOAA and NASA. JPSS-2 is one of five satellites that will make up the JPSS constellation. These satellites collect global measurements of atmospheric, terrestrial and ocean conditions, including sea and land surface temperatures, vegetation, clouds, precipitation, snow and ice cover, fire and smoke plume locations, atmospheric temperature, water vapor, and ozone.

Atlas V 401 begins its mission in Sun-synchronous orbit. A sunsynchronous orbit is an orbit around a planet whose orbital plane experiences the same change in the planet’s orbital orbit around the sun. Sun-synchronous orbit is primarily used for weather, reconnaissance, research and solar observation satellites.

All information about Atlas V 401 | JPSS 2 (Joint Polar Satellite System #2) spacecraft In a glance:

Rocket Atlas V 401
Full name Atlas V 401
Service provider launch United Launch Alliance
Missionsname JPSS 2 (Joint Polar Satellite System #2) spacecraft
mission type geological exploration trip
start time 01.11.2022
orbiting Sun-synchronous orbit
condition ready to go
Earth United States of America
Site Vandenberg SFB, CA, USA

The last update time for this information is 23.10.2022It’s 12:32 AM

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