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HomescienceMore than 8 billion people may be at risk of contracting dengue...

More than 8 billion people may be at risk of contracting dengue fever and malaria by 2080

According to researchers, up to 4.7 billion people could be at risk of contracting one of the most common diseases in the world, transmitted by mosquitoes. A British study published Thursday, July 1 in the journal The Lancet Planetary Health It reveals that while greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, More than 8 billion people could be exposed to malaria and dengue fever by 2080.

While that Malaria kills more than 400,000 people each year, and dengue kills 20,000This search was relayed by WatchmanExplain that the transmission seasons for these two diseases can be prolonged. More than a month for the first and four for the second in the next 50 years, threatening billions more.

To obtain these results, the researchers themselves relied on projections of a population growth of about 4.5 billion people over the same period, by 2080, in addition to an increase in the temperature ofAbout 3.7 degrees by 2100. Felipe Colon-Gonzalez, one of the report’s authors, concludes, “This work strongly suggests that reducing greenhouse gas emissions could prevent millions of people from contracting malaria and dengue fever.”

Reduce contact between mosquitoes and humans

“Current malaria and dengue control efforts rely heavily on mosquito population control and Reduce contact between mosquitoes and people“Although mosquito control campaigns can be effective, they are difficult to sustain, especially in low-income countries where scarce resources must be distributed between control and treatment,” says Felipe Colon-Gonzalez.

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