More money makes you happier

Does salary change our emotional well-being? In a new study, US researchers have come to an obvious conclusion — and identified an exception.

Contrary to previous research, more money seems to make people happier. This is the result of a new study conducted by American researchers Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Kahneman, which was reported by the news portal “Money”, among others. According to the researchers, the emotional well-being of most people increases at least until their annual income reaches $500,000.

The study contradicts previous research findings. In a study published in 2010, Kahneman reported that more money makes people happier until they have an income of about $75,000. Beyond this limit, a salary increase did not seem to affect happiness. For the current study, scientists surveyed more than 33,000 adults in the USA using a smartphone app at random intervals about their well-being.

However, scientists emphasize one limitation. “The exception is people who are financially well off but unhappy,” Killingsworth said. About 20 percent of those questioned belonged to this “unfortunate minority”. For the group, additional income over $100,000 does not affect sentiment.


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