Monkeypox: First case of monkeypox virus in a woman in Madrid

this woman “Directly connected to the chain of transmission of relations between men”, Health authorities announced.

While monkeypox currently affects mainly men, The first case of a woman was detected in the Madrid area. The pollution was confirmed on Thursday by a PCR test The press agency Europa Press announces, citing Telecommunications.

this womanIt is directly related to the chain of transmission of relations between men Without knowing to what extent. Therefore, the method of transmission was not to evolve And it will always be related to sexual relations between men, like infections discovered so far.

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Spain is particularly affected by the monkeypox virus

The western country hardest hit by monkeypox, Spain currently has 84 positive cases, including 65 in the Community of Madrid, explains Telesenko. 30 suspected cases are currently awaiting test results.

The first cases were discovered in the Spanish capital region, and the suspected source of contamination was a gay sauna, which has since been closed.

For its part, the European Center for Disease Control (ECDC) said that a total of 219 cases have been identified worldwide.

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