Missiles hit the headquarters of the Ukrainian Air Force

‘Severe damage has been done’
The missiles hit the headquarters of the Ukrainian Air Force

The headquarters of the Ukrainian Air Force is located in the city of Vinnytsia. Several Russian missiles landed there in the afternoon. The high command has reported extensive damage to buildings, but is not yet able to estimate the extent.

Ukrainian sources reported that the command center of the Ukrainian Air Force in Vinnytsia was attacked and severely damaged by Russian cruise missiles. According to the Ukrainian military, this afternoon, the Russian forces launched six cruise missiles. Ukraine’s Air Force Command said on the Telegram messaging service that some of the Ukrainian air defenses had intercepted, while others had hit buildings and “inflicted significant damage”.

She added that the results of the missile attack is still being determined. The military posted a photo of a destroyed part of the building on Telegram.

The Ukrainian Air Force and Air Defense have so far been able to prevent the Russian army from taking full control of Ukrainian airspace. On Monday, a Pentagon official said the Ukrainian air force had shown “great skill”.

Additionally, government sources in Washington have reported high failure rates for Russian missiles. Three government officials familiar with intelligence from Reuters news agency said this may explain why Moscow has not achieved many military objectives. An insider said the failure rate of Russia’s air-launched cruise missiles ranged between 20 percent and 60 percent, depending on the day. Failures can range from false launches to missile failures to explode on impact.

According to the missile defense project of the Institute’s Center for Strategic and International Studies, Russia has deployed two types of air-launched cruise missiles in Ukraine, the Kh-555 and the Kh-101. According to military experts, the default rate of 20 percent is already considered high.

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