Misha is bullying the

Rachel Bilson, 39, cannot fathom these claims. A few days ago, Misha Barton (35 years old) first commented on her ending on the hit series OC California. In an interview, she revealed that she had been experiencing issues on set and had even been bullied by some men – whose names she did not reveal. Rachel, who played Misha’s best friend on the show, is now commenting on the statement.

Im a podcast Welcome to the OC, Bitches. The 39-year-old spoke to her co-star from the show Melinda Clark above miss accusations. “I’d really like to talk to her and get her point of view and her experiences, because I seem to have seen things a little differently.”explained Rachel. The actress also cannot fully understand the allegations of bullying against her male co-stars. “Most of this definitely confuses me. I don’t know who you’re referring to because I haven’t seen any of it in person.”

miss As he claimed it Rachel He was added to the cast as the lead actress in no time, and this was a problem because it meant everyone had to settle their paycheck. deny it Rachel Actually. “This is misinformation. I just thought: What do you want to achieve with it and what does that mean?”

Rachel Bilson, actress
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