Michael Wendler posts a fake quote: Fake news on Telegram

MEden Keep Reporting: Not everything on the internet is true. The German Editorial Network (RND) is now concerned with the fact that many people prefer distributing screenshots seriously without looking too closely. pop singer Michael Wendler He shared a photo on his Telegram channel that appears to come from the RND and shows CDU health politician Erwin Rüddel along with an alleged quote: “I expect a full normal life from March 2022. Until then, the unvaccinated must be brought to the final solution” She says there.

According to the RND, the . file is counterfeitingthat have been circulating on social networks for several months. The quote on the original panel, which the RND has already posted on Instagram on September 21, says: “I expect the situation to be completely normal as of March 2022. Until then, non-vaccinators have to balance what is important to them.” An interview with Rüddel, at that time, the Chairman of the Bundestag Health Committee gave the news portal.


According to RND, hundreds of people have already shared the fake. Shortly after publication, NDA editor-in-chief Marco Finsky called the photo “disgusting”: “We will report the case to the Central Office of Hate Crimes.”

Rüddel also denied that this quote was from him. “The current picture is fake,” a spokesman for his constituency office told AFP at the end of September. Since then, the RND has requested that the posts containing the fake tweets be deleted.

The fact that Michael Wendler also picked up on the forgery was used as an opportunity at the RND to publish a longer article on the subject. “It certainly wouldn’t surprise anyone that ‘Wendler’ (“doesn’t care”), as the main character of the denialist, does no research on sources before he imposes some blatant nonsense on his nearly 140,000 followers on the Telegram pop-bag platform.” , as you say.

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