Michael Wendler: Laura Mueller angrily addresses her fans

Michael Wendler: Laura Mueller’s wife angrily addresses her fans – ‘frustrating thing’

This is Michael Wendler

This is Michael Wendler

He is one of Germany’s most polarizing pop singers: Michael Wendler.

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In the past, Michael Wendler and Laura Muller have often proven that they don’t get the word out. When they have something to say, they usually say it honestly. The pop singer’s wife is doing this again on Instagram.

Since the controversial couple Michael Wendler and Laura Mueller immigrated to the United States, things have calmed down for them. However, the 21-year-old regularly reports to her fans on Instagram. In her latest Instagram story, the Playboy model is really complaining.

Michael Wendler: Wife Laura Mueller was disappointed with this movie

She was actually looking forward to going to the movies. But it was really frustrating, as she said on Instagram: “We just looked at the new ‘Jurassic World Dominion’ and I’m so disappointed. So it was so boring. Unbelievable.”


This is Michael Wendler:

  • Michael Skowronek was born on June 22, 1972 in Dinslaken
  • His biggest single “She Likes DJ” was released in 2004
  • Michael Wendler has been living in his new home in Florida since 2016
  • In June 2020, he married 21-year-old Laura Mueller in the United States
  • Michael Wendler Banned From Instagram After His Comments About Coronavirus – He Can Still Be Found On Telegram


Michael Wendler: Ms. Laura gives film reviews on Instagram

Laura Muller is clearly upset that her expectations from this blockbuster movie did not come true: “They did a lot of great cinema in the first two parts. Those were two incredibly great movies. This is the last Jurassic movie ever, as of today. I have no idea Asking if it will continue there. Pity. So check it out for sure. You can do that, but it’s no comparison.”


more of Michael Wendler:


It was only recently that Michael Wendler and his wife, Laura Muller, attracted this business idea.


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