One of the world’s most luxurious private ships is currently docked in Hamburg: the mega boat “Tilbar” is one and a half times longer than the football field – and has other special features to offer.

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Ships board and disembark at Elbe in Hamburg every day, but it’s a rare sight: a mega boat of a Russian millionaire arrived in port on Friday.

The total length is 156 m, occupied by “Dilbar” List of 5th longest motorboats in the world. The ship is currently anchored in the port of Hamburg. The luxury boat of the Russian oligarchy and Putin’s friend Alisher Osmanov is serving there.

“Dilbar” in Hamburg: one of the longest ships in the world

According to the “Mopo” report, the ship is parked at the shipyard on the “Blohm + Voss”. According to the newspaper, experts estimate the value of the mega-boat to be around $ 800 million. The ship has 40,320 horsepower and a top speed of 22.5 knots, at 41 kilometers per hour. Besides a large pool, there are two helipads on the deck.

It is not known why the ship entered Hamburg and how long it will remain: According to Mopo, the shipyard did not provide any information “for reasons of confidentiality”.

The 63-year-old owner named the luxury boat after his mother, according to the “Built” report.

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