Manufacturers will have to publish a list of their products containing endocrine disruptors from 2022

This obligation was passed in February 2020 into the Waste Control Act. Consumer information must be available on the Internet, in an “open form”.

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Transparency duty. TheManufacturers of products containing substances classified as endocrine disruptors should “Available to the Public” Information on the existence of this material as of 2022, according to a decree published on Wednesday, August 25 at Official Gazette. This obligation, enshrined in the Anti-Waste Law of February 10, 2020, will enter into force on January 1, 2022.

This consumer information will be made by posting online and “open data” (The data is in public access and usable on the Internet) from List these products and the substances they contain. Selection “open format” will allow Collaborative platforms to exploit this information and thus better inform consumers, Explains the official text.

Medicines are excluded from the scope of the measure, which specifically applies to toys, pesticides for agricultural, human or veterinary uses, and medical devices and cosmetics. The articles concerned are all of these “Determined by the National Agency for Food Safety, Environment and Occupational Health (ANSES) as a confirmed, suspected or suspected endocrine disruptor”.

Endocrine disruptors are molecules capable of interfering with our hormonal system. It can have adverse effects on the reproduction or development of children. For these reasons, it represents pregnancy, lactation and adolescence Display windows Particularly sensitive, ANSES explains. The health agency specifically identified bisphenol A, bisphenol B, and TNPP (a substance used as an antioxidant and stabilizer in plastics and rubber) as “Endocrine Disruption of Humans” Dozens of other materials must be evaluated in the coming years.

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