Lupus Therapeutic Education Handbook: The Best Information About Lupus

The Tunisian Association of Young Internal Medicine Doctors, which since 2014 has brought together all residents undergoing training in internal medicine, aims to improve the quality of resident doctor training, in addition to working on the well-being of patients.

This year, members of the association created a therapeutic educational handbook for patients with systemic lupus erythematosus, a rare disease related to an immune defect. This brochure aims to explain to patients their disease and how to maintain its stability through the rules of a healthy lifestyle. brochure, It is the first of its kind in internal medicine and medicine in general, and will be published in French and in the Tunisian dialect. An episode will be held on May 15 at City of Science in Tunisia 5 days after the celebration of World Lupus Day. A lupus patient, a family member of a lupus patient, will witness a An internist and a psychiatrist. Patients with the disease will share their daily experience with the audience, including journalists, lupus patients and their families, doctors and civil society activists. A very painful disease. At the end of the conference, free copies of the brochure will be distributed.

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