Saturday 20 August 2022 Lotto: Current winning numbers

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How the lottery “6us49” works

Before drawing, the player fills out the ticket. Then six winning numbers are selected out of a total of 49 numbers. After the ticket is submitted, six balls are drawn from a group of 49 numbered balls. The goal of the game is to get as many numbers as possible designed to match the pre-written numbers. to me Jackpot win To beat this, you need the correct super number as well as six correct winning numbers. This is the last digit of the ticket number, that is, a number between zero and nine. The super number is drawn from a set of ten numbers after drawing “6aus49”.

Depending on the correctly typed number or the correct distinct number, there are a total of nine categories for prizes. To win, at least two numbers must be written correctly and the excellent number must be correct.

profit amount

The amount of the award depends on the award category and stake. The higher the correct numbers, the better the prize category and the amount paid. The sum of the money distributed over the nine prize categories corresponds to 50 percent of the stake. Thus the amount won is higher when the maximum number of tickets is played and the fewest number of players guess the correct numbers.


According to, the chance of winning the first place, i.e. six correct numbers plus a perfect number, is about 1:140 million. Since September 23, 2020, the odds of winning for the individual categories have been configured as follows.


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The percentages for prize categories 2 through 8 refer to the distribution of prizes remaining after deducting the fixed prize amount in category 9 and allocating prize category 1.

Participation costs

In the lottery ticket there are squares with 49 numbers to mark. Each field filled in is called a tip and costs 1.20 euros. The amount of participation costs does not depend on the number of tickets, but on the number of tips. There is also a processing fee for each ticket.

Next to Lotto “6us49” You can also participate in the additional lotteries Spiel 77, Super 6 and der vortex of fortune Take part. For Spiel 77 you pay an extra €2.50, while the Super 6 costs €1.25. You can participate in the fortune vortex for 5.00 euros.


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