Collage: Danny Buchner and Lesha complained about Gülpens' menu at
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Collage: Danny Buchner and Lesha complained about Gülpens' menu at
Danny Buchner and Lesha complained about Gülpens’ menu at Celebrity Dinner (VOX). (collage photo) © Screenshot The Perfect Celebrity Dinner 03.07.22

Danny Buchner and Lesha with Tamara and Marco Gulpin at “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner”. However, guests do not like the food served only by reading the menu. “Cats understand it,” Lesha grumbled.

Mallorca – “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner” is currently appearing as a guest in Mallorca. Also attending: Danny Buchner (44), Lesha (36), Marco and Tamara Gulpin, who are hosting the evening this time. However, Mrs. Buchner and Lesha do not like food at all, which they let their hosts understand aloud.

Danny Buchner and Lesha Furious About Gülpens’ Celebrity Dinner List: “Do they want to provoke me?”

as Danny Buchner (“Goodbye Germany”; All information about docu-soap) and Lisha (“Summer House of the Stars”) with their hosts’ list (“Goodbye Germany”) in advance, both calling out loud “Noooo,” even as they read only the appetizers. There are salmon and zucchini rolls. “I don’t eat zucchini or salmon, what’s the use? Do they want to provoke me?” an angry Lesha calls out into the VOX cam.

Mood at its lowest: Danny Buechner and Lesha don't like the food Gülpens serves in
Mood is on low: Danny Buchner and Lesha don’t like the food Gülpens serves at Celebrity Dinner. © VOX Snapshot / The Perfect Celebrity Dinner 03.07.22

The main course is a plate of pork and asparagus – another problem this time for Danny Buchner as well. “I can’t eat anything out of politeness,” she says up front, and Lesha adds, “I freeze in something like that. I sort it out and then the cats get it.” While eating, Tamara suggests a solution to Lesha: “You can actually roll salmon.” – But Lesha remains difficult: “I can’t do this. Alone, if there’s a bit of flair in there, I’m really mentally ill when it comes to it.”

Knigge coach advises the Gülpens family about alternatives, while Büchner and Lisha advises more “politeness and discretion”

After that, Tamara Gulpin commented on what happened: “I was about to leave. But I tried to master everything and smile away ”- Danny and Lesha are just“ strong personalities ”with“ only on them ”. Good thing her husband Marco was able to put her in the kitchen during the Backstage episode.

The etiquette coach also assesses the attitude towards VOX by suggesting on the one hand to offer alternatives as a host and on the other hand to maintain “politeness and discretion” as a guest and “not to complain in public, but simply to look: ‘What’s up? “. Danny Buchner recently revealed what her late husband Jens thought of attending a ‘Celebrity Dinner’.. Sources used: The Perfect Celebrity Dinner, 03.07.22


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