Lawrence Okolie vs Michal Cieslak: Okolie is the World Champion! This is how you see title protection in Re-Live

Lawrence Okolie vs Michal Cieslak: Okolie is the World Champion!  This is how you see title protection in Re-Live

Lawrence O’Connor vs. Michael Sislock kicked off Sunday, February 27th, with O’Connor’s World Crucifixion organization’s cruiserweight title defense. Has Brit kept his clean fight record and won another knockout? Here’s how to watch a boxing match live.

Lawrence Okolie vs Michal Cieslak: On February 27, 2022, two boxers will face each other in the Crusaders World Cup match at the O2 Arena in London.
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Lawrence O’Connell, 29, and his promoter Eddie Hearn have even bigger plans in the boxing world. First, Lawrence ‘The Sauce’ is to coordinate cruiserweight championship belts from four major federations: Ogoli, WBO, WBA, WBC and IBF. The heavyweight promotion should follow in the footsteps of current world champion Olsander Uzzyk.
But first he had to secure his one-world championship belt in the WBO. Michael Sislock wanted to seize the opportunity he had at the world title and thwart Oakley’s career plans. Nothing came. It was the worst fight in 12 rounds, with Oakley dominating. Eventually there was a one-point victory and Cieslak had to concede his second defeat.

With the 8th consecutive knockout, it didn’t pay off for O’Connell either. Sislock often sought infighting and stubbornness, which resulted in several illegal blows to the back of the head. For his part, Oklolie pressed Cieslak and owed him a little in Schachen’s dirty fighting style. In the end, Britt wanted the knockout almost too much, and was either knocked out by the more powerful counterattacks of the pole or subjected to a knockout defeat. In the end, however, he struggled without challenge.

This is how you see the Lawrence Okolie vs Michal Cieslak: Crucerweight World Championship fight on February 27, 2020 at DAZN

The World Boxing Championships kicked off on February 27, 2022 at 10pm at the O2-World in London with Lawrence O’Connell vs Michael Cislock as the main event of the evening. As always, when the matchroom is the organizer of the World Cup, DAZN broadcasts a boxing evening exclusively. Not broadcast on free TV or any other paid TV channel. DAZN customers can stream Fight Evening live for a week, until March 5, 2022.

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January 1, 2022 is not DAZN free trial month. New or returning customers who do not wish to miss a boxing event must pay a minimum monthly subscription of EUR 29.99.

Lawrence Okolie vs Michal Cieslak: Who had the best starting position in London on 02/27/22? A head-to-head comparison of boxers

Lawrence neighborhood

Fighting record: 17 wins, 14 KOs (ratio 82.35%)
Fights: 17 with a total of 72 rounds
Weight Class: Cruiser Weight (up to 90.718 kg)
Alternative: 29
Height: 196 cm
Reach: 210 cm

Michael Sislock

Fighting record: 21 wins, 15 KOs (65.22%), 1 defeat, one “no match”
Fights: 23 Total 103 rounds
Weight Class: Cruiser Weight (up to 90.718 kg)
Alternative: 32
Height: 190 cm
Reach: 201 cm

Lawrence O’Connell is considered a technically gifted boxer and knockout machine. His last seven fights ended in a spectacular knockout and did not advance to the 7th round. The last time he had to fight 12 rounds was on 9/22/2018 against Mattie Askin. In this way, it will be interesting to see if Okoli retains the determination needed to fight the full distance. He has athletics. It also has a range of advantages.

Michal Cieslak seems to be a very experienced man. You should not be disappointed with his slightly worse knockout rate. He has also won the series with the last two knockouts. However, he had some low-round matches in his pro fights and lost his only 12-round match against Ilunga Jr. Macbeth in the WBC Belt battle by a unanimous decision. So it will be interesting to see if he can catch himself against the London youth.

Lawrence Okolie vs Michal Cieslak: These are the fights that took place on February 27, 2022 at the London O2 Arena.

Despite the storm damage last weekend, 10,000 spectators are expected in the arena in London. Until the main fight for the world title at the Crossing Weight, some exciting boxing matches await fans in front of screens in London and around the world.

  • Michael Sislock against Lawrence O’Connell; WBO World Cruiserweight Degree
  • Carlos Batista vs. Galal Yafai; Flyweight
  • Jordan Gill vs. Kareem Gurfi; EBU European Featherweight title
  • Lucas Masic vs. Anthony Fowler; Middleweight
  • Fabio Wardley vs. Daniel Martz; Heavy
  • Tony Wisick against Sivan Clark; Cruiserweight
  • Joe Tucker vs. Campbell Hutton; Lightweight
  • Alexander Nakolsky vs. John Hedges; Light heavyweight
  • Ariel Estephan Brohamonde vs. Dempsey McCain; Heavy

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