Hôpital de Laval (illustration)

Laval Hospital Center restricts visits in the face of the outbreak of the epidemic, Covid, influenza, and gastrointestinal at the same time. The administration notes in a press release that it has identified them “Collected cases of Covid patients in five care services, plus accelerated contamination of professionals”. A crisis unit has been set up to deal with this situation.

Only one visitor per day per patient

To avoid other situations, restrictive measures have been taken in particular Reducing patient visitsAnd the “Visits are allowed limited to one visitor per day and per patient, except for special cases authorized by the medical team.” In the case of maternity, brothers and sisters can visit once during the stay and in neonatology, parents and siblings can meet once a week. On the other hand, “In services that record aggregate cases of Covid, visits are suspended until the situation recovers.”

Visitors are invited to strictly respect the gestures of the barrier, “Continuously wear a surgical mask, including inside the room, clean hands, and prevent any visitors with symptoms”. The health pass is mandatory in health institutions.

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