Kraftklub’s new single “One Song Is Enough” and the new music video – BZ Berlin

About five years after their last album, the Chemnitz rock band Kraftklub released a new song.

“One Song Enough” was released on Friday night. “Our first song in 1764 days,” the band wrote on Instagram. He also posted a music video for the song on YouTube.

The black-and-white video shows the band traveling to Leipzig and performing on the street. Kraftklub held an amazing street concert in the Plagwitz district on Saturday afternoon – the first appearance in two and a half years, as the video suggests.

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The musicians announced on September 23 that the album “Cargo” would be “one song enough”. This is Kraftklub’s fourth studio album, the previous “Keine Nacht für Nobody” released in 2017.

The band had already announced on Wednesday that they would like to tour again later this year. Kraftklub lead player Felix Kummer recently announced the end of his solo project “Kummer”.


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