Knotfest Germany 2022 announces new offers in Oberhausen
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Slipknot (Bay Rock am Ring district, 2019) © Peter H. Bauer

Knotfest will come to Germany for the first time on July 30, 2022: on July 30, the first edition of the festival will take place in Oberhausen. As well as curator Slipknot, Cattle Decapitation, Meshugga and Malevolence among others.

The first German version of Knotfest, launched by American band Slipknot, is already in the starting blocks and the lineup has now grown.

inside and outside

Knotfest Germany takes place on July 30, 2022 at both the Rudolf Weber Arena in Oberhausen and in the outdoor area. Accordingly, two phases are planned. The main stage, which will also feature a Slipknot, will be outside.

Another stage is located in the hall itself, and since capacity is limited, visitors should always be informed about the current capacity of the hall, it is said In the official instructions.

More gangs

Until now, it was known that in addition to the main title and DJ Slipknot, he will also play heavy metal artist Ghostman from America and Melody Metal in Flames. The assortment has now been expanded to include three more works.

New to the group is Swedish progressive metal band Meshugga, who recently released their ninth album, The Violent Sleep Of Reason. Furthermore, Knotfest confirmed the presence of the five-piece USA band Cattle Decapitation, as well as English/metal band Malevolence.

The schedule and other work will be published in the coming weeks.

What features are there?

At the festival, visitors can expect much more from musical entertainment. In addition to its many gastronomic offerings, there will be a Slipknot Museum with select art and cultural installations.

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In addition to the tickets usually available, there are also limited VIP packages that include access to the VIP lounge, exclusive Knotfest Germany merchandise and other perks and goodies.

Knotfest Germany 2022


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