Katy Perry congratulates Orlando Bloom on her birthday with special recordings

Katy Perry
Orlando Bloom congratulates her on her birthday with special recordings

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

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We’ve never seen Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom privately before. On his forty-fifth birthday, the singer dedicates to her fiance not only a beautiful declaration of love, but also shares intimate recordings.

Happy birthday, Orlando Bloom! The Hollywood lover will celebrate his 45th birthday on January 13, 2022. On this special occasion, there is a sweet congratulations from partner Katy Perry, 37.

Katy Perry: “You are the love and light of my life”

“The forty-fifth happiness of the most loving, deep, soulful, attractive and strongest man I know,” the interpreter “Fireworks” begins her loving lines with loved ones. “I thank you for being my fixed compass, fixed anchor and bringing the joy of life into every room you enter. You are the love and light of my life.”

In addition to her touching words, the 37-year-old shares a series of recordings that offer an extraordinarily private glimpse into the lives of the two stars. Among them is a photo in which the actor appears in military clothing on the set of “The Outpost” alongside his dog Mighty who has since passed away, sharing photos with loved ones from an event, on vacation and on a boat trip.

Isolate the madness at Bloomberry’s house

A video clip documents a hilarious moment in which Orlando Bloom, wearing full bike gear, rides through the kitchen and dining room on his bike. “what the hell are you doing?” Katy Perry can be heard asking in disbelief. “Quarantine. You can’t stop me from riding my bike,” replied the 45-year-old before the Queen started hitting the ‘cycling’.

Orlando Bloom as an affectionate father

The final clip shows just how far the “Carnival Row” star gets into his role as a loving partner and father. It shows an intimate moment in which Bloom feeds the singer a burger. Meanwhile, Baby Daisy places it on her chest under a muslin cloth. A very rare scene, the couple keeps their private lives and especially their daughter out of the public eye as much as possible.

“I’m grateful to my lucky stars for you and our DD,” Katy Perry said, ending her declaration of love, which garnered nearly a million likes in just a few hours.

The native Briton and American have been a couple since 2016. The two got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2019. Daughter Daisy Dove Bloom saw the light of day in August 2020 and perfected her love of happiness.

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