Katja Burkhart is crazy on Deutsche Bahn

Katja Burkhart is crazy on Deutsche Bahn
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Katja Burkard is upset about Deutsche Bahn.  (Photo Gallery)
Katja Burkard is upset about Deutsche Bahn. (Photo Gallery) © Screenshots Instagram / katja_burkard_official

As an appraiser, Katja Burkhart travels a lot to different cities. He expressed his anger on Instagram as his last links were delayed. There she scolded Deutsche Bahn.

Cologne – Katja Burkard (57) travels a lot as an appraiser. To this end, the “Point 12” awareness often uses train A to B. So it went to a shoot for Baden-Baden, where he went with his hair and makeup artist, he let his fans know by taking a train selfie on Instagram.

Katja Burkard was angry about the train delay

Katja Burkard can only brag about the day of the shooting: “We had a very good and inspiring shoot in Baden-Baden,” he writes of a selfie with his partner. But on his two trips, first from Cologne to Baden-Baden, and then again, Burkard was not as satisfied as he makes clear in his Instagram story. With an evil smile, she writes: “Simply without words …”

Burkard explains his dissatisfaction: “It was hopeless. I was three hours late from Cologne to Baden-Baden yesterday. We could not have taken the first train, otherwise the connecting train would not have been available. Now we are standing here for the next half hour.

“How can a company be so bad?”

At least a ray of hope: air conditioning works, the presenter explains. Nevertheless, Katja Burkard is very angry: “So: I do not understand how a company can be so disgusting.”

In front of a TV camera in the Green Screen studio, the 57-year-old reported a “walking disability”. Katja Burkhart could not walk wearing a tight skirt and high heels in the “punk 12” set. Sources used: instagram.com/katja_burkard_official


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