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Karlsruhe Regional Council warns of flood tourism – SWR News

The Karlsruhe Regional Council warns of the dangers to humans and animals in view of the tense flood situation. The so-called flood tourism in dams is viewed critically.

The Karlsruhe Regional Council said in a statement that entry into the dams was generally prohibited. Flood tourism and unreasonable behavior through dams can unnecessarily endanger wildlife. Animals may panic from pedestrians and dogs and fall into the water. According to the Regional Council, the condition of the Rhine and its tributaries will be monitored regularly and additional measures such as polar flooding will be initiated if necessary.

Further increase in the level expected on Thursday

The Flood Forecast Center (HVZ) in Karlsruhe expects the Upper Rhine level to rise further by Saturday. Daniel Habegost, a hydrologist on duty at peak times, talks about a small to medium-sized flood event. Control measures can be used.

“Forecasts for the Rhine are based on the assumption that new developments can be expected over the course of Thursday, the ten- to twenty-year event range.”

Shipping on the Rhine had to be halted again as water levels rose. On Wednesday night, the water level crossed the critical mark of 7.50 meters.

The Rhinestrom Hotel in Rostov-on-Don is out of touch with the outside world. SWR reporter Daniel Gunther was on site at the boat.

The ferry service has been suspended since the beginning of the week

Boat service on Rustad and Rhinemanster has been suspended since the beginning of the week. Last Saturday, due to flooding, nothing temporarily went on board to ship on the Rhine near Karlsruhe. Sunday was an intermittent relaxation, so the ships sailed again. But the water level will rise again rapidly due to the continuous rains.

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High tide over the weekend

The German Meteorological Service expects heavy rain to continue. Accordingly, Baden-W்டrttemberg, a flood forecasting center in Karlsruhe, said water levels could continue to rise significantly. Saturday night is expected to be overweight. After that, the flood situation may ease again.

The city of Rostov warns of flood damage

Rhine floods alert emergency services and firefighters. They are constantly checking the dams. The city of Rustad warns against entering dams during floods. Homeowners are also in need as high rainfall and water levels rise. You should check the backlight protection of private sewer house connections.

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