Home Top News Kammerer hits Hey to win 2-1 in Augsburg

Kammerer hits Hey to win 2-1 in Augsburg

Kammerer hits Hey to win 2-1 in Augsburg

Augsburg –

Four games, four wins: If Kölner Hey had a positive record against more opponents from the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) as they did against the Augsburg Panthers, they wouldn’t have to worry about qualifying in the playoffs. But since that’s not the case, KEC’s 2-1 win (1-0, 0-1, 0-0, 1-0) after Tuesday’s extra time at Augsburgers at the end of the main round likely won’t mean a place in the top ten top of the table.

Three points would have provided more hope

It would have taken a win and three points after 60 minutes to raise hopes. Maximilian Kamerer’s winning goal in the 64th minute scored only the second extra point, which allowed the Cologne team to overtake the Panthers in eleventh place.

High coach Uwe Krupp made no changes to his squad compared to the 5-2 loss at home to RB Munich on Friday and continued to dispense with Quinton Hoden, Marcel Muller, Colin Yugbekele, Karl Neil, Marcel Barenca and Maximilian Glutzel. Sharks still find it hard to go.

Augsburg, who played a total of seven main-round matches below Cologne and had a better place before the match, dominated the early stage and came very close to taking the lead early on when they hit crossbar Maximilian Eisenmenger (2).

Driving came somewhat unexpectedly

The Panthers kept pressing, but they couldn’t get past High goalkeeper Justin Pugh. On the other hand, there was little to be seen from KEC in attack. Penalty kick against Bradley McClure of Augsburg (12th) and the subsequent majority didn’t really help the guests. So the leadership came across as a bit unexpected. Youngster Louis Eving prevailed in the corner and brought the disc to Marl Oliver, who found some space under the crossbar in the near corner to make it 1-0 (16).

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The goal and the resulting progress after the first trimester gave Hay more security. After a good start in the second half of the match, which has been very difficult this season, Jun Matsumoto could have increased the score to 2-0. After a foul on Lucas Dumont, the attacker’s heart failed with the deserved penalty kick (24).

Two minutes later, David McIntyre missed the next good opportunity. It should pay off. A stray disc was found by Magnus Eisenmenger, who didn’t need to ask twice and scored the equalizer (27′). The 1:1 stage finished Krupp’s strongest stage to that point, which also left two more manpower positions in the middle third.

Kammerer ensured Hai’s victory single-handedly

The power play remained a problem for the guests in the final section. Even the fourth time he scored a goal with another player, the Cologne team could not think of anything decisive. (43). Then Augsburg, who needs wins as much as Haye in the fight for the playoffs, introduced the most dangerous team, with Justin Bogey increasingly in focus. The often reprimanded Canadian kept his chest clean and his colors involved.

In the end it got dramatic. Alexander Oplinger had to move to the penalty area to check on the rink, and just before the Cologne striker was two minutes away, Matt Bumble netted the ball past Hay. The judges initially decided an injury had occurred, but looked at the scene again in the video evidence.

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There it turned out that the disc jumped off the crossbar on the ice, from there against the shaft and went out again. She couldn’t find her way across the goal line, so the score remained 1-1 (56′). Extra time was required to make the decision and Kammerer ensured Haie’s victorious single-handed win.

Cologne: deceived. Siloff, Holos; Edwards, Mo Muller; Tear, cockroach. dairy hens Ferraro, McIntyre, Thorson; Kamerer, Matsumoto, Cherbot; Ofing, Oliver, Ofira; Dumont, Seal, Oplinger. Father: MacFarlane/Roach. – Spectators: 4234. – Objectives: 0: 1 Oliver (15:55 / Ofing, Ophira), 1: 1 mag. Eisenmenger (26:38), 1: 2 Kamerer (63:38). Penalty kicks minutes: 14 Augsburg Cologne 8


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