Juju posts a picture of Katya's bare bottom and gets an ad

jojo vs. Katia

In the past, there was a lot of mutual support from rappers in the German rap scene, especially compared to the male field, which was dominated by beef – however, there were exceptions. For example, Katja and Juju have gotten into each other’s hair in the past. Now they direct the next exchange of blows.

This started a week ago as part of Juju’s current tour. During a show, Juju pulled Katya by the skin and paddled her revealing look. Katya responded and mocked the fact that Berliner slipped below the 1 million followers mark on Instagram.

Last night Katya Krasavis declared herself the winner of the beef and said JoJo “learned”. But there was also a counterattack by the platinum rapper during the day. In her story, Juju takes revenge by saying cheeky about Katja’s butt and shares a photo with the rapper’s naked bottom.


There is now a serious answer from the “P*ssy Power” rapper. In it, Katya accuses Juju of “violating” and “body” against her and is especially disappointed by her role as a woman in German rap. Katia Jojo is accused of transmitting false values ​​and “destroying” the “struggle” of many women.

Katia Krasavis wirft Juju Bodyshaming vor

“Jojo, last week, you dropped me on stage – I thought you were learning from your mistake! Less than 7 days later you feel physically ashamed! Are these the values ​​you impart?” Do you seriously want to destroy the fight that I and many other strong women have been fighting for years as a woman?

This is about standing up and fighting for women, not against them. I am disappointed in you as a woman and especially as a woman in German rap! Girls: Whether it’s natural or working, whether it’s dressy or revealing – don’t let anyone laugh at you! I thought you knew that”

Here you can see the post:

Katya via Instagram
Katya via Instagram


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