Joachim Lambie defends himself against ‘Let’s Dance’ criticism: ‘We must speak frankly’

Joachim Lambie defends himself against ‘Let’s Dance’ criticism: ‘We must speak frankly’
Joachim Lampe submits an application to "let's go dancing" as a strict judge.

Joachim Lambie is considered a strict juror in Let’s Dance.BILD: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Joachim Lambie has been a permanent member of the “Let’s Dance” jury for over 15 years. Year after year since, he has evaluated the performances of celebrities vying for the title of “Dancing Star” on the hit show. Among the jurors, comprising him, Motsy Mabuz and Jorge Gonzalez since 2013, he is considered a strict juror. Professional stars and dancers are always especially curious about his comments, Because the 57-year-old usually says in clear words what he thinks of the performance and usually gives lower points than his fellow jurors.

This season, for example, he judged Bastian Bellendorfer’s performance: “We are already in the round of 16 with the top six dancers. And the final is in three weeks. The right people should be in the final. I found the performance very easy to organize today. To bad Luck, sometimes it was just as tough as last week.” In an interview with RTL Lambi now said whether he regretted one or that criticism from the past.

This is what Joachim Lambie thinks about his jury job

When Joachim the Lambie was asked about his sermons, he finally said: “Probably the biggest misunderstanding is that everyone thinks I don’t want anything good for husbands. I always want the good, I want them to get better. But sometimes you have to speak clearly so that couples understand what’s going on.”

However, he admitted that he found some of his judgments too harsh. “Yes, I thought a lot after some performances: “Man, you were so hard on that young lady.” But after that, 90 or 95 percent of the right people were in the final.”

By the way, he never had the so-called “celebrity dream” who had to participate in Let’s Dance. Lambi explained: “No, I’ve been asked this question for 15 years. We’ve always had great celebrities with us, and we’ve always had good stories about it.”

Anyway, he’s happy to be a part of this show. In conclusion, the juror said for public perception: “You have to be able to deal with someone who recognizes you on the street, and wants a picture, or an autograph or address. But you can live with that.” On the other hand, it is also nice to be able to appear in the premium format on German television.”



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