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Jesse Welmer surprises jockey Low: Strange ARD question after EM-Aus

Germany E.M. It also marks the end of the era of national coach Joachim Low. After the game against England, Jesse Welmer asked the unfortunate question.

Munich / London – Results. Out. The past. The 2021 European Football Championship * ended for the DFP team. With 0: 2 (0: 0) Germany lost to England in the 16th European Championship round and were eliminated early. Thomas Mல்லller was the saddest person at Wembley. At the same time, Joachim Low’s era as national coach came to an end after 15 years.

What was disappointing was seeing the DFP stars and Lowe live after the game. For at least a short time, ARD switched to Takesha relatively early and provided no emotional images from Wembley. Do frustrated players agree? nothing. That must have angered some football fans.

ARD: Disaster interview after EM-off! After the final whistle Jesse Welmer asks Jogie Low a strange question

When ARD moved back to London, ARD presenters Jesse Welmer and Bastian Schweinsteiger * were the guests of the outgoing national coach – in fact it was a very emotional moment. Lowe knowsHave to fight with his tears.

“An era is coming to an end, 15 years as a national coach *. How do you understand this feeling? Welmer begins the interview. The 61-year-old is disappointed with his departure and apologizes to the entire nation. “It simply came to our notice then. We relied even more, “Lo said:” We’re sorry to be out of this match. “

The lack of opportunities to exploit is then discussed. “I do not blame Thomas. Usually he creates such opportunities, but unfortunately not today, ”said the broken national coach. Instead of going further into the mental and emotional state, Welmer actually asks: “Now how do you say: everything ends well?” – Then pushes after a while: “Or does it end well, everything is not right?”

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Lowe is almost annoyed: “No, we’re definitely hoping for something else in this match. I’m sorry to have gone without so much excitement at home with a game like this.” The already already trembling voice.

Welmer is apparently very emotional and somehow tries to play ball with ARD expert Swainsteiger. It manages to excite a somewhat unhappy mood. Finally, Welmer wants to know if Lowe still has a chance to say goodbye to the team. “Of course, we’ll travel back to camp,” says the national coach, pulling out his earrings and smiling angrily, who must have been happy to finish the interview … (smk) * is a privilege IPPEN.MEDIA

List of rubric lists: © Imago-Images / Matthias Koch

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