Italy: Stunning photos of Lake Garda – Storms change places


Storms turn places on Lake Garda into wintry landscapes

Italy: Lake Garda has reached its lowest water level in 15 years

Italy: Lake Garda has reached its lowest water level in 15 years

Lake Garda in northern Italy has reached its lowest water level in 15 years. While low water is not currently affecting tourism in the popular vacation spot, agriculture is suffering from an ongoing drought.

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In Italy, the weather is still capricious. A violent storm hit the area around Lake Garda. The consequences were dire.

Torbole. When it comes to the weather, northern Italy can’t get any better. After heavy rains and flooding a few days ago in Emilia-Romagna, it now has it Gardassi district he met. On Tuesday, a storm with heavy rain, gusts of wind and unusually prolonged hail swept across the northern part of the lake, which is especially popular with German tourists. A hailstorm has turned places like Riva or Torbole into wintry landscapes.

Pictures and videos in Social media Show the full extent of the storm. Hailstones covered the streets and paths and made for snapshots as if in the dead of winter.

Lake Garda has recently made headlines due to its water shortage

In addition to the unusual recordings, the storm also caused floods And chaos in the streets. According to the ANSA news agency, traffic in Gardisana, which circles the lake, has temporarily stopped. Streams turned to torrents, and a mobile home was washed off the road and plunged into the lake. According to ANSA, there were no casualties.

Recently, Lake Garda made headlines due to a severe drought. The water level dropped to a new low in April after a prolonged drought. So far, this has not affected tourism. The district has one for three years Strong growth in tourism. Holiday homes, hotels and camping sites are already fully booked in 2022. (Taken)


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