Is zombie deer disease a threat to humans?

The emergence of ‘Zombie deer disease’, a neurodegenerative condition affecting wildlife, particularly deer, has raised concerns about potential transmission to humans. While no cases have been reported in humans, experimental studies and the history of prion diseases suggest a possible risk.

Symptoms of the disease include weight loss, drooping ears, coordination issues, and difficulty swallowing. It spreads among wildlife through direct and indirect contact with bodily fluids, waste, soil, water, and food.

Research has shown mixed results regarding the transmission of the disease to humans, with some studies indicating a potential risk. Experts are actively monitoring the situation and working on surveillance methods to better understand and prevent the spread of the disease.

Climate change and ongoing transmission in cervids could potentially impact the emergence of novel CWD prion strains, increasing the capacity to infect a different range of hosts. This highlights the importance of continued research and monitoring to prevent the potential spread of ‘Zombie deer disease’ to humans.

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