iOS 16 with a number of new features: custom 3D audio, duplicate photo capture, Joy-Con support and more |  News
A major release like iOS 16 isn’t usually lacking in innovations: Apple highlighted several improvements and new features at the start of the WWDC keynote and also mentioned some features when introducing the new releases of iPadOS 16, watchOS 9, and macOS Ventura. It will also be available on iPhone in the future. That’s not all: after the developers installed the first beta on many devices, users discovered many more functions that are now being published. In fact, Apple introduced many different parts of the system, which makes iOS 16 seem “rounder” and more mature.

AirPods with new settings and custom 3D sound
Some settings on the AirPods and Beats headphones can also be done via the Control Center, but for more extensive configuration options you need to dig into the settings: for understandable reasons, some users do not immediately realize that they are trying the Bluetooth menu and there they need to click on “I”. iOS 16 offers another option: the earbuds appear under the name in Settings if they’ve been paired with the device. The corresponding menu brings up some changes and allows you to set up a custom 3D sound: Apple promises a better audio experience with a TrueDepth camera that captures the ears and nearby surroundings. Manual AirPods firmware update is still not possible.

Safari with new features, Siri ends calls, Clipboard with better privacy
Web push notifications aren’t a problem for Safari on a Mac, and Apple will also make this functionality available for iOS 16 — not for the final release in the fall, but later. Browser extensions are also synced, so they are also available on other platforms in the desired configuration.

If you want to end FaceTime and regular calls via Siri, now you have the opportunity to do this: the function can be turned on in the settings under “Siri & Search”, which, by the way, requires an iPhone 11 or later. If the user is using AirPods and Beats headphones, it can also be an older model that is compatible with iOS 16.

Since iOS 14, users have been notified when an app hits the clipboard – with iOS 16, users have the option to intervene: a popup asking for consent.

The Photos app identifies duplicates, new portrait mode, and new security configurations
Anyone with a sprawling photo media library might be familiar with the problem: sometimes there are duplicate photos or videos in the collection, which takes up unnecessary storage space. iOS 16 and macOS 13 recognize and collect copies if desired, so that the higher-quality copy and related data remain in the library. In addition, Apple finally allows you to protect hidden photos via Face ID, Touch ID, or entering a code.

There are also two innovations that are exclusive to the iPhone 13: Apple has upgraded Cinema Mode and improved depth of field. The new portrait setting also allows objects in the foreground to be blurred.

Speaking of security: Those who use two-factor authentication apps like Google Authenticator or 1Password for their accounts can now set these apps as standard apps for the first time. WiFi passwords from networks your iPhone is already using can also be displayed.

iOS 16 recognizes the controls and reminds you to take your medicine
Not much has changed in the Music app, but there are some new improvements: Songs in playlists can now be sorted, for example by title, artist or release date. Artists can also be marked as favourites.

Nintendo Switch owners also get their money’s worth: iOS 16 recognizes the Pro console and Joy-Cons. The latter can be linked individually or together and used for games on the iPhone.

The onscreen keyboard now has a function that’s often standard on third-party keyboards: each key can respond with haptic feedback if desired.

Medications can’t be signed in only in watchOS 9: The Health app improved from iOS 16 also offers this functionality, and a corresponding widget on the lock screen reminds you to take the pills.


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