They have been a VIP for the last year. The performance of so-called hydrogen stocks overwhelmed nearly everything. 100% profits, 200%, even more than 1,000% were possible with Nel ASA, Plug Power & Co. Within a few months. But since the summit in January, former senior figures have begun to decline sharply. Until now. Because for a few days now the titles have recovered in a big way and their rallies remind us of last year …

For example, Norwegian electrolysis specialist Nel ASA has improved by more than 14 percent since its May 14 low. At Ballard Power, the increase was 27 percent, while American Bulldog Plug-Power was an incredible 51 percent. It would be important that the titles of this level could now defend for some time. Then there is a good chance that your hydrogen stocks will return permanently.

conclusion: Stocks of hydrogen are making a big comeback. But which stocks open the biggest opportunities after the crisis? Where are the risks involved? These questions are answered with our great hydrogen analysis, which you can now access for free on Pentecost. Just click here.

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