Invalid Elon Musk retreat

Invalid Elon Musk retreat

threatened Elon Musk After withdrawing from the purchase of Twitter legal consequences? Twitter has at least set the course for a legal dispute with tech billionaire Elon Musk. By doing so, the group wants to simply prevent Musk’s planned takeover of the online service.

In a letter to Musk’s legal representative, Twitter’s lawyers said the termination of the deal was “null and illegal” from the company’s point of view. Contrary to Musk’s claims, the published letter stated that Twitter had not violated the acquisition agreement. On the other hand, Musk intentionally and intentionally breached the agreement with his withdrawal.

Elon Musk accuses Twitter of breach of contract

On Friday, Musk announced his withdrawal from the Twitter purchase agreement for about $ 44 billion. To justify this, he cited his previous unsubstantiated claims that Twitter has far more fake accounts than the company’s estimates of less than five percent. His lawyers argued, among other things, that Twitter failed to fulfill its contractual obligations to provide Musk with the necessary access to data to verify the numbers.

Twitter has already announced its desire to appear in court at the company’s official headquarters in Delaware. There, the Delaware Chancery Court can order the acquisition to be completed.


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