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Bosch eBike Alarm

Bosch eBike Alarm - Intelligent Online Theft Protection Bosch eBike Alarm - Intelligent Online Theft Protection

In the future, Bosch motorized foot pedals can be permanently connected to the Internet

What: Mario Homen/SP-X

In the future, Bosch motorized foot pedals can be permanently connected to the Internet. This provides new functionality and, above all, better protection against theft.

sPX / Frankfurt. Bosch has been offering new connectivity solutions for e-bike drive technology for years. Bike tracking option is not included yet. That changes with the eBike Alarm option available for the 2023 model year, in which the Bosch pedals can be upgraded with additional anti-theft protection and other functions. The essence of this functional extension is the so-called communication module, which establishes a permanent connection to the Internet with the help of an IoT chip. The small unit is integrated into the motor unit so that it is not visible from the outside. It has its own energy buffer which lasts a good four weeks. In principle, the delivery unit is powered by a traction battery.

The user can track their bike via a functional extension of the Flow app from Bosch. In addition to the E-Bike-Lock function, the networked bike also provides an alarm function. If the thief moves the bike, this will be detected automatically and the alarm tone is activated immediately, which is subtle at first and then can be clearly heard to outsiders. At the same time, the bike owner is notified via the Flow app that someone is moving the bike. Thanks to the e-bike lock, the thief is deprived of electronic motor support. A legitimate user can also track the direction their leg is moving on the map. It can also use the Flow app to forward a message about the alleged attempted robbery directly to the police, who can then use the information to go after them.

Basically, the eBike alarm can only be combined with Bosch motors of the smart system generation. About 100 euros are due for the connection unit, and a specialized dealer must also take care of the installation, which causes additional costs. One year of use associated with the purchase of the delivery unit. Each additional year costs 40 euros, instead a monthly rate of 5 euros is planned.


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