Home Technology Installing iOS 17.3 Beta: A Comprehensive Guide

Installing iOS 17.3 Beta: A Comprehensive Guide

Installing iOS 17.3 Beta: A Comprehensive Guide

Apple has recently launched its latest update, iOS 17.3 beta, with a groundbreaking new feature called Stolen Device Protection. This feature aims to provide an additional layer of security for iPhone users in case their device gets stolen and their passcode compromised.

The iOS 17.3 beta is available for free installation for both public and developer testers. To install the public beta, users must first back up their iPhone or iPad and then navigate to the Settings app. From there, they need to tap on General > Software Update and select the new Beta Updates button. Finally, they can opt for iOS 17.3 Public Beta and proceed with the download and installation.

For users who can’t find the option to enable beta updates or install iOS 17.3, there are a couple of troubleshooting steps. They can either try restarting the Settings app or ensure that their devices are running on iOS 16.4 or a later version.

Similarly, installing the developer beta also requires users to sign in with their Apple ID at developer.apple.com and follow similar steps as with the public beta.

The highlight of iOS 17.3 is the newly introduced Stolen Device Protection, which can be activated by accessing the Settings app. Users then need to swipe down, tap on Face ID & Passcode (or Touch ID & Passcode), and finally select Stolen Device Protection.

To ensure enhanced security, Stolen Device Protection relies on biometric authentication. This means that users will need to utilize either Face ID or Touch ID for authentication.

Taking advantage of this new feature is straightforward. Interested users can simply follow a few simple steps to install the iOS 17.3 beta and activate Stolen Device Protection.

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Overall, Apple’s release of the iOS 17.3 beta with the Stolen Device Protection feature demonstrates the company’s commitment to ensuring user security and privacy. With this addition, iPhone owners can feel more confident that their personal information will be safeguarded even if their device falls into the wrong hands.


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