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Instagram is testing the timeline

Instagram is testing the timeline

In the spring of 2016, Facebook announced that it was breaking off the timeline and shortly thereafter it was distributed to everyone. Users, including myself, weren’t necessarily excited about this move on Instagram.

Back to the old Instagram timeline

However, it was announced at the end of 2021 that the timeline would return, possibly also to gain more active users again. One already gets the impression that the normal schedule has fallen off a bit.


But Instagram goes one step further and offers three options that are now being tested: Home (like now), Follow (timeline) and Favorites (here, for example, you can create a timeline with certain preferences).

These new options won’t be available to all users yet, it’s still a testing phase, but early adopters will see this from today. I can’t see the new main menu yet, but just take a look in the app to see how it is with you.



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