FC Bayern coach Julian Knucklesmann suddenly did not understand the world after a 1-1 draw in the 16th leg of the Champions League against RB Salzburg. The mistake his team made again after the 4-2 defeat against VfL Bochum over the weekend did not bother him, but the performance of referee Michael Oliver in a situation that could determine the game. According to the coach, Britain lost the opportunity to Bayern to change the game completely in the last few minutes. “It’s a 100% chance of scoring and an incredibly bad result. That’s a fact,” Knucklesman added. DAZN.


But what happened? Shortly after Kingsley Common’s equalizer, Bayern had a great chance to score in the last minute of extra time. After a high ball was deflected by substitute Marcel Sabitzer, RB keeper Philippe Cone blocked the ball well enough at the feet of Leroy Sane in his own penalty area. If referee Oliver had not already stopped the scene due to a mistake by Mல்லller, who was standing in front of goalkeeper Cone during the defensive action, the national player would have had a good shooting position in the six-yard box. Controversial decision.

FC Bayern in grades: Personal review of the first leg against RB Leipzig

FC Bayern in a personal review of the first leg against RB Salzburg.


This is a clear misconception for Knucklesman. In an unusually quick mood, the Bayern coach happily exclaimed: “I ask myself: there’s a highly quoted video assistant referee – then I let the situation run to the end. And see if he shoots it at a target occupied only by field players.”, Knucklesman was annoyed by Oliver’s early whistle. “Then the goal will be controlled. And if it’s a mistake, I’m blowing the whistle.” According to the coach, after the final whistle, the referee admitted that it was a “false whistle”.

M முller paradoxically: “I have to say this was an interesting mistake on my part. Hots off.”

That made Knoglesman even more angry: “If you’re seven meters away, you can always tell me to let the situation continue for 28 minutes and then wander, because everything was checked anyway,” the Bayern coach commented. “And the whistle is blown before the situation where there is no physical contact in the opponent’s six-yard box.”

M முller had a clear idea of ​​the goalkeeper’s wrong play: “I must say this was an interesting mistake on my part. Hates off,” M முller responded inconsistently and bit his tongue noticeably. “Okay, blow the whistle – and Leroy is in the six-yard box,” he expressed his frustration, then quickly changed the subject. Unlike Knucklesman


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