American politics resemble the plot of Groundhog Day. Everything keeps repeating itself, she can’t escape from her closed, selfish world, everyone is doing their own thing.

This is the first time of all, but in the case of US presidents, it comes back again and again with the iron custom. In reports of a rocket attack ordered by Joe Biden a few days ago against Iranian-backed militants in Syria, the US media insisted it was his “first military operation.” Alternatively, o “Biden’s first bombing”.

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It is unfortunate that this is always only a period of time before the newly elected US president uses his power. It is also true that his first military action was never the last.

Without any other new leader, after taking office, the whole world would not comment on who he would call, in what order. The world media has only talked to the US president in the first days of his visit to the White House, and now he is keeping a close eye on who he is leaving the ice with. Especially in the case of Biden, he was expected to speak to the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. It’s been a month since the New York Times published a report entitled “Fiden and Netanyahu have finally spoken.”

The curse of world power

It is to the US President that journalists and analysts speculate about the first foreign crisis he will have to deal with. He was the first person to ask Pyongyang whether this would be an issue in countries such as the Middle East, South America, and Myanmar, or particularly through a successful military missile test.

Enemies United States They will be done quickly. Americans tell themselves about it and have what they want. But a better view is to acknowledge that it is not American crime or America’s intention for the world to see Washington automatically, once it has any foundation on the planet, to see what it has to say or do about it. The United States is a global power, and of course it has and promotes its interests in various places. The other side of the coin, however, is that they are often stuck in a jacket of obligations and responsibilities that they do not care about, but cannot get out of.

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However, as the new president of the United States, Biden carried out his first military test. In the domestic scene, he then began to overcome his first gains and losses. He suffered his first unpleasant loss when he had to withdraw the recommendation of Nira Tandon, director of the White House budget office. Office of Management and Budget (OBM).

A loss, a crisis

Throughout the administration, OBM is one of the main offices, a separate ministry that drafts the draft annual budgets, which are then submitted to Congress by the President. Biden was warned, and Dandon was already worried on all sides. Republicans were annoyed during his previous term as Democrat think tank Center for American Progress She also used her sharp language Twitter.

After Donald Trump’s frenzy on this social network in recent years, he seems a little hypocritical when he accuses Tandon Republicans of writing about their senator as “compared to the Dead Cruise, even vampires have a better heart”. But in the end, some Democrats did not like Tandon, he would not pass in the Senate, Biden surrendered, and now had to come up with another man.

His first domestic political crisis can be described as the situation on the southern border Mexico. Biden’s advisory support for immigration (he proposed a law that would open the way for illegal immigrants to obtain U.S. citizenship) sparked immigration waves. In an illegal attempt to enter the United States, 80,000 people were detained at the Mexican border in January, two and a half times more than during the same period last year.

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Knowing that U.S. immigration laws provide greater protection against evictions, the number of asylum seekers going to the states has also risen sharply. In the United States, child detention centers are being replenished, according to the White House’s own analysis, which could be as high as 117,000 inmates this year.

Biden’s Home Secretary Alejandro Myorgas is very careful not to say the word (he speaks of it as a serious, urgent or stressful issue), but it is a crisis. Moreover, it is very visual that detained children’s television footage is not twice as pleasant as the current president, as a candidate in last year’s debate with Trump on how children can be “thrown out of their parents’ hands” by Trump.

Success is coming

On the other hand, Joe Biden is approaching his first big win, which will make you forget the aforementioned difficulties and losses. In a few days, to weeks, Congress will be tapping its recovery package against the effects of the corona virus epidemic. Although Biden has had to abandon plans to raise the federal minimum wage, it is still $ 9.19 trillion.

The “package” he provoked in the midst of the worst post-World War II recession since the beginning of his presidency – in February 2009 – represents nine percent of US GDP and the disappearance. Barack Obama. Source: This is the first major victory for Obama in his entire presidency. Biden remembers it because he was like Obama’s vice president.

Obama then had another significant victory. In early 2010 he pushed for health care reform. But in early November of that year, American voters punished him for pushing laws in Congress “into power” – only thanks to his Democrats, despite Republican opposition.

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Obama was “smashed” (as he said at the time), the Democrats lost the House of Representatives, and the Republicans blocked all other Democratic presidential programs during his two terms. In his first year in office, Obama recorded only two major legislative gains from his eight-year presidency. Then he had a rash.

Trump in the footsteps of Obama

Donald Trump wanted to do everything differently than Obama, but in the end he wanted a copycat. A little worse. In his first year in November 2017, with a Republican majority, he was pushed through Congress for tax reform – without a democratic referendum. One year later, in November 2018, he lost the House of Representatives. He now left the White House in January to exit the tax cuts form, but this is the only major legislative cut in his presidential stake.

Biden will soon see his first big win. But as usual, the Democrat Govt set passed the House without a Republican vote. In the Senate, Democrats are seeking a procedure that does not require a Republican. With an equality of 50:50 votes, it will be Vice President Kamala Harris who will decide the approval of the law due to her presidency.

This is the first time of all, but at the same time we feel like we have seen before. What a pattern ?! It starts out like the plot of a movie Groundhawk Day: Everything repeats, no leaks. In the film, when the main protagonist changes from a selfish cynical mockery to a more noticeable man, everything opens up to his environment.

Could something like this happen in American politics? No, because the only thing that counts now in American politics and divided society is the ruthlessness of the majority. Now Pitton and his Democrats have it. However, within two years, their ride may come to an end.


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