In the southeastern United States: fatalities and significant damage from tornadoes

Status: 01/13/2023 07:30 AM

Dozens of tornadoes swept through the southeastern United States, causing significant damage. At least seven people have died in Alabama and Georgia. Electricity was cut off from tens of thousands of homes.

At least seven people have been killed in tornadoes and storms in the southeastern United States. Alabama was hardest hit. Six people have died there, Gov. Kay Ivey wrote on Twitter.

The tornado raged especially in the Otoga area and the town of Selma, about 50 kilometers away, according to emergency services. Dozens of homes were destroyed or severely damaged. Many people will still be missing. Rescue workers focused on sawing down fallen trees to check for people who needed help.

33 tornadoes or severe storms

Nationwide, the Weather Service reported 33 individual reports of suspected tornadoes. The city said on Facebook that most of the roads in Salma were closed due to downed power lines and trees. Citizens were asked not to go out. Children should not leave schools.

So far, there have been no reports of deaths in Salma. In the face of widespread power outages, the City Council convened a sidewalk meeting — by cellphone flashlights — to declare an official state of emergency. An emergency accommodation has been set up in the school building. A state of emergency was also declared in other counties such as Chambers, Koza, Elmore and Tallapoosa due to the storm.

60,000 homes without electricity in Alabama and Georgia

A suspected tornado also raged in the neighboring state of Georgia. Authorities said a driver was killed by a falling tree.

A tornado was also spotted near Atlanta International Airport, the busiest US airport in terms of passenger numbers. According to the US aviation authority, the FAA, planes had to stay on the ground temporarily due to severe storms.

According to the website, about 60,000 homes in Alabama and Georgia lost power Friday night.


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