Peelmeyer with Golden Cole

In the final section the game became more and more lively and heated. After the Indian team was awarded a penalty in the 49th minute, Dekentorf regained the lead with a goal from Thomas Peelmeier in the power play. After a mouse twist, emotions culminated in arguments between several players from both teams. DSC coach Jiri Ehrenberger has retired to calm the minds of his players. The move paid off: Deggendorfer defended and clarified and came to an end over time.

The fourth game of the five-a-side series will take place on Friday at 8pm at Eisstadion an der Trat in Dekentorf. With one win Lower Bavaria can enter exactly the quarter finals.

Whistle for polar bears

The second East Bavarian club in the playoffs, Esperan Regensburg, suffered a bitter defeat at home against the Leipzig Icefighters in front of 1390 spectators. In a 1: 5 (0: 2, 1: 3, 0: 0) defeat, Tomstadter showed the worst game of the season, now trailing 1: 2 in the series. Just 28 minutes later, the Polar Bears trailed 4-0. Andrew Skembry reduced the deficit to 1: 4 (30th), but Leipzig’s guests made it clear before the second break.

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