Home Technology How to Record Vision Pro Spatial Videos on iPhone: A Complete Guide

How to Record Vision Pro Spatial Videos on iPhone: A Complete Guide

How to Record Vision Pro Spatial Videos on iPhone: A Complete Guide

Title: Apple Enables Vision Pro Spatial Video Recording on iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

In an exciting development for content creators and video enthusiasts, Apple has recently unlocked the ability to record Vision Pro spatial videos on its new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models. The feature, available with iOS 17.2 or above, offers users an enhanced visual experience.

To access this groundbreaking feature, iPhone users need to ensure their devices are running the latest update, at least iOS 17.2. Once updated, recording Vision Pro spatial videos can be activated through a few simple steps. Users can open the Settings app, swipe down to find the Camera option, tap on Formats, and toggle on the Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro feature.

Once enabled, the Apple Camera app will display the Vision Pro icon, allowing users to effortlessly start recording spatial videos. However, it’s important to note that spatial videos can only be captured in the landscape orientation, ensuring an immersive visual experience when viewed.

To facilitate easy identification, recorded spatial videos will be appropriately labeled, making them easily distinguishable from other video clips in the gallery. While the videos can be watched on an iPhone in 2D, the true potential of Vision Pro spatial videos can only be fully enjoyed in their native 3D format, requiring the Vision Pro feature to be enabled.

Apple has provided useful tips to optimize users’ Vision Pro recording experience. These include keeping the iPhone stable and level during recording, positioning subjects between 3 and 8 feet away, and ensuring even and bright lighting conditions for the best results.

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Regarding technical specifications, Vision Pro spatial videos are recorded at 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second (fps), ensuring high-quality visuals. However, users should be mindful of storage space, as one minute of recorded spatial video consumes approximately 130 MB.

This innovative addition to Apple’s camera capabilities opens up a new realm of possibilities for content creators and video enthusiasts alike. With the Vision Pro spatial video recording feature, users can now capture moments with an immersive, 3D-like experience that truly brings their videos to life.

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