How sick is Queen Elizabeth II really? – BZ Berlin

How sick is Queen Elizabeth II really?  – BZ Berlin

God bless the queen – even without service. Queen Elizabeth II (95) avoided going to church on Traditional Commonwealth Day Monday. His son Prince Charles (73) succeeded him, and his mother stayed at Windsor Castle.

The Daily Mail reports that the Queen’s appointment calendar is being cut more and more. This raises the concern that she is much worse ill than the palace admits.

The Queen’s heart has missed the church twice since the Commonwealth and inauguration (1971 and 2013). An insider at the palace told BILD: “It’s heartbreaking to cancel more meetings like this. Work has always been her lifeline. We care so much about them.”

Prince Charles in royal role:
Prince Charles in royal role: “Eternal Heir” represented his mother on Monday, followed by his wife Duchess Camila (photo: Image Alliance / dpa / PA Wire)

How weak is the queen really?

Indigenous: “True, it has dropped significantly in the last three months. I know she’s discussed the use of the wheelchair many times. It is beyond her question. Prince Philip has finally refused.

Personal doctor Hugh Thomas, 67, is currently visiting Elizabeth one day.


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