Hollywood star Jared Letto mourned after the shooting

Hollywood star Jared Letto mourned after the shooting

When he acts, he becomes accustomed to certain things like how he moves, laughs or talks. “So I think it’s normal to have a short term,” the 50-year-old continues. You suddenly don’t think “Hey, I forgot the last six months of my life”.

Its director Jared was worried about Letto

It’s no secret that he’s interested in involving himself in his roles, says Leto. Sometimes there are some challenges, but in this case he liked the project. The star opens today about his role in the AppleTV + series WeCrashed, which premieres on the streaming service today, March 18th. He is seen in the lead role with his colleague Anne Hathaway (39).

Daniel Espinosa (44) recently explained the extent of Leto’s method of acting. The director of “Morpheus” was almost terrified of the Hollywood star during the shooting, as Espinoza said in an interview with the professional magazine “Variety”. You have to be careful, because a 50-year-old can actually get into a scene. “Morbius” is coming to theaters on March 31st.

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