Highly Effective: Study Reveals the Power of PrEP as a Preventative HIV Drug

Study Shows HIV Preventative Drug PrEP Highly Effective in Real-World Settings

A recent study conducted at sexual health clinics across England has confirmed the high effectiveness of the HIV preventative drug PrEP in real-world settings. Funded by NHS England, the study involved 24,000 participants and revealed that PrEP reduced the chances of getting HIV by approximately 86%.

While previous clinical trials suggested that PrEP is 99% effective, the recent findings have been described as “reassuring” by the UK Health Security Agency. The Terrence Higgins Trust, a leading HIV charity, has called for easier access to the drug in light of these results.

The charity emphasized that many individuals, including women, are unaware of the existence and benefits of PrEP. They are now advocating for the drug to be made widely available in pharmacies and online. This would not only increase awareness but also provide easier access to those in need.

Additionally, the study provided crucial insights into the usage patterns of PrEP and the demographics of those being prescribed the medication. While it is most commonly used by gay and bisexual men, the study highlighted the potential benefits for other groups, such as straight women.

PrEP contains existing HIV treatment drugs and works by preventing HIV from entering the body and replicating. It can be taken either as a daily pill or on an “event” basis before sexual intercourse, providing flexibility for users.

The effectiveness of PrEP aligns with the UK government’s goal of achieving zero HIV transmissions by 2030. With the ability to significantly reduce the risk of infection, PrEP serves as a vital tool in tackling the spread of HIV.

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The decision to make PrEP widely available on the NHS in England in 2020 was based on earlier findings from this research and earlier clinical trials. The latest study’s results have been published in the esteemed medical journal, the Lancet HIV.

Overall, this study reinforces the importance of PrEP in preventing HIV transmission and emphasizes the need for improved accessibility to the drug. By making it more widely available, including in pharmacies and online platforms, more individuals can benefit from the highly effective HIV preventative medication.


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