Die Yacht des Milliardärs Bezos fährt durch die Rotterdamer Kanäle, gefilmt von einem Yachten-Fan.
Billionaire Bezos' yacht sails the canals of Rotterdam, photographed by a yacht lover.

Billionaire Bezos’ yacht sails the canals of Rotterdam, photographed by a yacht lover.
Dutch yachts

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ $1 million yacht has left the original shipyard. Spiegel reported first. At dawn, the yacht “Y7212” was towed through the canals in Rotterdam to the new shipyard.

However, the wooden bridge, which was likely to be dismantled hotly debated because the ship was too high to pass under it, was never crossed. The people of Rotterdam announced that they would throw eggs on the ship if the bridge was dismantled in Bezos’s favour.

The transfer was filmed by a yacht fan who shared a YouTube video.

The sailing yacht Y721, which was built for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has left its shipyard on a maiden voyage, according to reports. Spiegel. Accordingly, the yacht was transferred to the new shipyard at dawn and had to be towed through the canals of Rotterdam. A member of the Dutch Yachting fan club filmed the ship’s exit and posted a video on YouTube.

About six months ago, there was a heated debate about the yacht, because the historic wooden bridge stood in the way of leaving the harbor with masts. It was said at the time that the bridge could be temporarily dismantled so that the yacht could pass. The citizens of Rotterdam have announced that they intend to throw eggs on the billionaire’s yacht if the bridge is indeed dismantled.

The historic wooden bridge has been crossed

The bridge was not dismantled in order to transport a piezo yacht – but it was bypassed. The ship was not very high either, because the masts had not yet been erected. Apparently, photos of the yacht cruising under the bridge should be avoided anyway.

The yacht’s fan, who photographed the ship on its maiden voyage, told SPIEGEL: “It’s an amazing yacht because of the cabin. It’s huge.” During filming, they tried to blind him with spotlights and prevent him from filming.


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