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A suggestion for moderation: women are special! In all respects, especially with regard to health. Because the female body has special needs in various stages of life. That is why, many years ago, on May 28, Women’s Health Day was established. Today it is about drawing attention to the importance of women’s mental and physical health. Diet is also an important factor. Mario Hatwig reports.

Narrator: height, body, ratio of fat to muscle mass, internal organs and complex hormonal balance. Women’s bodies are fundamentally different from men’s. In addition, women’s requirements vary at different stages of their lives, according to doctor and nutritionist Dr. Mary Ahluwalia.

Original Audio 1 (Dr. Marie Ahluwalia, 26 sec): “It begins at puberty; when girls come for their first period, the entire hormone balance changes. This means we also need more iron. Or, for example during pregnancy and breastfeeding The need for many micronutrients, such as folic acid, is increased. But the provision of iodine, omega-3, calcium and vitamin B12 must also be taken into account.

Speaker: Even later, during menopause, often with symptoms like hot flashes, hair loss, and mood swings, a good supply of nutrients is important.

Original sound 2 (Dr. Ten years old is very important to deal with, you can think directly of calcium and vitamin D for bone maintenance for example, but there are also a number of traditional botanicals due to their composition and they have always been used at this point.”

Speaker: In principle, a woman should take in the necessary micronutrients through a varied and balanced diet. However, studies show that there are always supply gaps.

Original Audio 3 (Dr. Marie Ahluwalia, 24 sec): “This means that the nutrients we take in through our diet are sometimes not enough to cover our daily needs, and this is especially true for women. We exclude certain foods, for example in the case of vegetarians It can help counterbalance this with supplements.”

Speaker: You can get advice from a nutritionist or a doctor. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should definitely do this. In general, however, the following applies: No matter what stage of life a woman is in, exercise is best and last, preferably outdoors in the sun, so that the body can produce vitamin D and release endorphins.

Moderation Suggestion: The body needs micronutrients. To what extent depends on your biological gender and, of course, on your situation in life. Tables with corresponding recommendations and a lot of information can be found online at

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