Pass sanitaire : un QR code spécifique pour les personnes non vaccinables

Concerned about her condition, the immunocompromised Nevernaise was not vaccinated on the advice of her doctor. However, this situation was not taken into account in the very short list (see box below) of contraindications published in a decree of August 7 (Decree No. 2021-1.059).

In the latter, details are given of people who cannot be vaccinated at all, or temporarily. Only the contraindications mentioned in the decree make it possible to avoid vaccination when it is imposed, as for caregivers.

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In the case of people with autoimmune or autoinflammatory diseases, Document produced by Fai2r (Health Channels for Rare Diseases) indicates that vaccination is highly recommended. Otherwise, it remains to solve the tests. But government spokesman Gabriel Attal reported on August 11 that in mid-October, “they will be paying.”

According to the Regional Health Agency (ARS), “immunocompromised people are part of the list of people at very high risk of developing severe form of Covid-19 and justify priority vaccination since the start of the vaccination campaign, in addition to 3NS dose now. “

Advanced and Practical Solution

With regard to people who cannot really be vaccinated for the reasons mentioned in the decree, a permanent solution has been put forward by the ARS. “The document that proves the existence of medical contraindications is given by the doctor to the person concerned. You must send this document to the health insurance institution attached to it with the aim of issuing a QR code that will allow it to access all places subject to the health card,” explains the ARS.

Still according to the ARS, any physician is able to certify these contraindications, be it a therapist or a specialist.

Faced with the risk of obtaining a false certificate of contraindications to vaccination, Pierre Prebel, Director of the Regional Health Agency (ARS), several weeks ago confirmed his confidence in doctors: “The doctor is sovereign, he can do whatever he wants. But from there to falsification of documents .. I trust our doctors. There is no danger of people getting false contraindications. It is a fraudulent and reprehensible practice.”

The health insurance will also be able to perform a certain oversight, especially with regard to fraud.

Not eligible for vaccination:
People with a history of documented allergy (allergist opinion) to one of the components of the vaccine in particular (polyethylene glycol and risk of cross-allergy to polysorbate), or who already have capillary leakage. In addition to anaphylactic reactions, at least a second degree (damage to at least two organs) in a first injection does not allow to receive the vaccine.
People with pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome.
Temporary Contraindications:
Treatment with anti-Sras-CoV-2 monoclonal antibodies.
Myocarditis or pericarditis occurred before vaccination and is still developing.

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