Alfred Kislosan does not know where his handball national team will stand after a successful first endurance test for the European Championship. The national coach said on Friday in Mannheim after 30:26 (15:14) against Switzerland, “I thought we did well overall.

Kislason also talked about “two phases we didn’t play very well” in the ARD. In addition, Icelander complained about key issues in security. Kislason, on the other hand, tested all players before the finals in Hungary and Slovakia, and tried various systems and tactics for defense. Thanks to the victory, his supporters gained at least confidence.

Left-hander Marcel Schiller was the top scorer with seven goals. The EM dress rehearsal against world record and Olympic champion France will take place in Wetzler on Sunday, before the German team will fly to Bratislava next Wednesday. Belarus, Austria and Poland are the opponents in the opening round.

Tired training days at the EM production camp in Großwallstadt were initially overlooked by the German team. The DHB team stayed awake from the start and determined the rhythm of the game. In the beginning the defense was in good shape – and could have relied on the good-natured Andreas Wolf on goal. The 30-year-old, who missed two internationals against Portugal in early November, showed strong play in the first half and underlined his claim of being number one between positions.

In the attack, a lot of people went outside of Marcel Schiller and Timo Costening. With the exception of Sebastian Heyman, the back area produced very little pressure. Nevertheless, the DHB took the lead ten minutes later at 6: 3 for the first time with three goals. However, as the season progressed, the German team faced problems in defense as the Confederates continued to attack with seven field players. “We did not succeed in doing the necessary work against the round,” complained DHB Sports Director Axel Cromer at half-time. Result: At 13:13 the Swiss equalized for the first time.

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After the break, Kislason changed completely, with the exception of circuit runner Johannes Cola. Until Klimbe came into the gate, he introduced himself with a few marches and laid the foundation for the first five goals (22: 17/40). In attack, Lucas Mertens was especially recommended at this point. The left wing of the sovereign Bundesliga leaders SC Magdeburg has won three times.

However, as in the first round, several errors came in, so Switzerland came close to a goal ten minutes before the end. There was no tension in the DHB exam and he landed as a deserving winner. “We’re really playing a good game for the first time, and we’re in the galaxy,” Klimpke said succinctly. “We’m unpredictable,” the goalkeeper said, looking at EM. Experienced Kostening warned: “Everything is possible – we could be eliminated in the preliminary round.”


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