Greetings from Peter Zweigat: The song

Greetings from Peter Zweigat
Returns “out of debt”

The RTL “get out of debt” format is a cult. Until 2018, Peter Zwegat handled financial problem cases for about ten years – first with ordinary Otto consumers, then with celebrities. Now the offer is reprinted.

In a few weeks, RTL will relaunch its previous “get out of debt” version. As announced by the announcer, the show will kick off this month with its first beta episode – on October 25th from 8:15pm. In addition, the display also be available on TVNOW.


Stilianos Brusenbach follows in Zwegat’s footsteps.

(Photo: RTL)

However, viewers can’t look forward to the return of Peter Zwegat, who has achieved cult status as a television debt advisor with a flip chart. Stilianos Brusenbach in his place will do everything possible to help candidates out of their financial needs.

Rosenbach is not only an economics graduate, debtor, and tax advisor, but he is also a father of three. As such, he will also provide emotional support to his television clients and, when necessary, assist as a pastor, the ad said.

Zwegat is now 71 years old

The introduction shows Brusenbach’s work over several months with two families, each owed around 50,000 euros. Unemployment and disease are said to be the main causes of financial difficulties in Rosenbach’s first cases.

From 2007 to 2015, Zwegat helped individuals escape their financial misery on 139 regular episodes of “Get Out of Debt”. After that, he was in front of the camera for several celebrity releases of the format until 2018, two of them with former Dieter Bohlen Nadia Abdel-Farraj.

Zwegat celebrated his 71st birthday in February 2021. A little later his autobiography titled “On Ash Wednesday It All Began” appeared. Apparently, he has no ambitions to revive his television career.

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