Google to Discontinue Gmail’s Basic HTML View in 2024

Despite a recent online hoax claiming that Google will be sunsetting its popular email service Gmail, the company has clarified that this is not the case. However, Google will be ending support for Gmail’s basic HTML view starting in January 2024.

The basic HTML view of Gmail lacks essential features such as chat, spell checker, and search filters. Users who are still using this view will be automatically switched to the Standard view after the deadline date. This change is part of Google’s focus on adding AI-powered features to its products, including Gmail.

In fact, Google recently launched the Duet AI feature for Gmail, aiming to help users write emails more efficiently. The company believes that AI-powered features like Duet will enhance the overall user experience of Gmail.

Initially scheduled to take effect in January 2024, the change to end support for the basic HTML view has now been postponed to February 2024. This gives users additional time to adjust to the transition and familiarize themselves with the Standard view of Gmail.

Overall, Google’s decision to phase out the basic HTML view of Gmail is in line with its commitment to providing users with a more modern and feature-rich email experience. Users are encouraged to make the switch to the Standard view before the February deadline to ensure uninterrupted access to all of Gmail’s features.

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